4 Ways to Make Your Home Allergy Friendly

Allergy season can cripple the best of us. You spend weeks, if not months avoiding the outdoors, right when all you want to do is spend time at the pool or in your garden. Not to mention the piles of tissues you’ve used and number of meetings you’ve interrupted with your sneezing.  

It’s not a fun time, but you can at least work on making your home a sanctuary. You may not be able to completely stop the sniffles or the sneezes, but you can help reduce the possibility by decreasing the allergens in your home.

If allergies are driving your entire family crazy, then try these 4 ways to make your home allergy friendly.

Make Home Allergy Friendly + KYclosets.com

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How to Organize Shoes and Keep Them Looking New

The Home and Garden Show is one of our favorite times of the year and this past weekend’s event was a success as usual.

People looking to remodel, build and those just searching for new ideas stopped by and talked with us. As the weekend progressed I noticed there was one question I kept getting:

“What do I do with all of my shoes?”

Organizing Shoes- Dannenmueller Blinds, Shutters, Closets

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5 Steps to an Organized Pantry

Everyone in the family uses the pantry and it can be frustrating trying to find exactly what you want or need. You may put everything away neatly, but the kids may not. So this spring, make it easier on yourself and the kids! Here are 5 steps to an organized pantry, so it will (hopefully) stay that way.

  1. Take Everything Out & Create a Plan:5 Steps to An Organized Pantry

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3 DIY Storage Hacks for your Home

3 DIY Storage Hacks for your Home - Dannenmueller Blinds, Shutters and Closets

If there’s one thing that many homeowners have in common, it’s the need for more storage. We all long for bigger closets or just extra room in general. Unless you’re able to move to a space with more storage, you may have to take matters into your own hands.

But, some space saving ideas can turn into huge eyesores and others can be too expensive and simply out of reach.

This post will show you some of our favorite storage ideas to incorporate into your home. These ideas are pleasing to the eye and serve as functional ways to add extra storage to your home without breaking the bank.

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The 2 Best Ways to Get your Garage Organized

The 2 Best Ways to Get your Garage Organized - Dannenmueller Blinds, Shutters and Closets

Garages are wonderful things however, if they’re not properly organized, they end up becoming a huge headache for homeowners. So in this blog, we’ll cover two of the best garage organization options out there.

You may be an avid biker or the ultimate DIY guy. But, whatever your hobby, there are organization systems that can help you take control of your garage space.

At Dannenmueller Blinds, Shutters, Closets, we carry ClosetMaid’s garage products and Rubbermaid’s FastTrack systems. And with us, you have access to professionals who can help determine the best fit your needs. We promise to have a solution for you!

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The 2 Types of Shelving to Add to your Home this Year

The 2 Types of Shelving to Add to your Home this Year - Dannenmueller Blinds, Shutters, Closets

So you’ve finally decided that enough is enough and you need extra shelving in your home in the New Year. Adding a little extra shelving can help save time and headaches in the long run and is a budget-friendly option for homeowners.

Whether it’s adding extra shelving to your closet or in your kitchen or living area, shelving is a great way to get and stay organized.

This blog will cover two types of shelving and their best uses to give you ideas and inspiration for your home!

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3 Paint Color Trends you Need to Know for 2016

3 Paint Color Trends you Need to Know for 2016 - Dannenmueller Blinds, Shutters, Closets


Paint colors are one of the most important decisions you make as a homeowner. We all know too well that there have been many fights over finding the perfect color that matches many personalities and styles.

With the New Year just beginning, many people may have renovating their homes and sprucing up those existing paint colors on their to-do list.

If that’s the case, we’d love to help out! At Dannenmueller, we’ve found those paint color trends for 2016 and want to share these new trends. 2015 was the year of royal blue hues and dark palettes, so let’s find out what 2016 has in store!

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Is 2016 the Year for you to Remodel?

Is 2016 the Year for you to Remodel? - Dannenmueller Blinds, Shutters, and Closets

As the housing market continues to stabilize, predictions are coming in for 2016. A 2015 study from the Joint Center for Housing Studies (JCHS) of Harvard University, predicted that remodeling spending will grow from 2.4 percent to 6.8 percent in the second quarter of 2016.

According to Chris Herbert, Managing Director of the Joint Center, “Strengthening housing market conditions are encouraging owners to invest in more discretionary home improvements, such as kitchen and bath remodeling and room additions, in addition to the necessary replacements of worn components, such as roofing and siding.”

So, if you are considering a remodel in 2016, read this blog for some inspiration.

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