Never Waste Old Shutters with These DIY Projects

If you recently installed new shutters or are thinking about getting new shutters for your home, don’t throw away your old ones! There are many uses for shutters other than for privacy and keeping out light.

Shutters can be repurposed for other uses such as decoration, organization, furniture and so much more. Repurposing shutters saves you money on household items and can be a fun DIY project.

We’ve put together a list of our favorite ideas for refurbished shutters.

For Your Kitchen

Coffee Mug Rack

Are your cabinets overflowing with coffee mugs? Add a coat of paint and some decorative hooks to make this shutter mug rack look like you bought it at a store. Using an old shutter is a great way to organize all your mugs in a decorative and space saving way. Continue reading

Declutter Before the Holidays

Christmas boxes to declutter

Before the holiday season begins is the prime time to declutter and get ready for the rush of guests, gifts and holiday activities.

If you’re looking for better ways to organize your kitchen pantry, office or closets, then contact us for a consultation.

Here are some areas you can work on decluttering and organizing before the rush begins at Thanksgiving: Continue reading

Improve Your Home With Blinds, Shutters & Shades

Have you ever walked into a room without anything covering the windows? The room looks open and has plenty of natural light…but it also can make the room look bland and bare.

Part of making a house a home is adding your own style to it, while still considering the functionality of the home. Window treatments are a part of this. Whether you choose blinds, shutters or shades, the right window treatments can help set each room apart.

Shutters on Doors Continue reading

How to Design and Organize the Perfect Home Office


Office Design from ClosetMaid®

Photo Credit: ClosetMaid® Master Suite Brochure

Organization in the office is more than just keeping your papers in a filing cabinet. It starts with how your room is designed, and finishes with the way your computer documents are organized.  

You may be looking at your office right now and wonder how you will ever get it cleaned up and organized, but it can be done! Here are your first steps: Continue reading

Monthly Cleaning Routine [+Printable]

Finding your own monthly cleaning routine can be difficult, especially if you live with a spouse or kids. But, there are many benefits to having a clean home, so it’s important to keep your home a tidy sanctuary.

What are some of those benefits?

  • Reduces allergy symptoms
  • Lowers stress levels
  • Improves your waistline (sounds like a stretch, but cleaning is exercise! Read more about it here)

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5 Steps to Organize Your Kitchen for the Holidays

The holidays are a time for baking gingerbread with loved ones, icing sugar cookies for neighbors, and putting a bit too many marshmallows in your hot chocolate.

With all those sweet memories being made, you don’t have time for unpacking cabinets or rummaging through drawers in search of that long-lost tin of baking soda (you know you put it somewhere!).

Keep Your Kitchen Organized this Holiday Season

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3 Ways to Winterize Your Windows and Save Energy


Winterize your windows


While windows add aesthetic beauty to your home, they could be dragging down your heating efforts each month. Windows alone can account for 10 to 15 percent of your heating bill each month, letting go of about 25 percent of your home’s heat.
Protect your budget this winter by fighting back with these three simple ways to winterize your windows.

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How to Choose the Right Window Treatment

Light can enhance the color and atmosphere of a room. Choosing the right window treatment can help complement the room’s natural light instead of completely blocking it.

When you enter a room without window coverings, it feels empty and out of place. But, choosing the wrong ones, can also make it feel dark and uninviting.

If you’re tired of your old curtains or are moving into your new home, here is how to choose the right window treatment.

Choose the Right Window Treatment + Continue reading